Evaluation of Self Management Process

Suggestion on how to evaluate yourself on the effectiveness of the management of your rheumatoid arthritis:

  • Think about the goals you had set from the beginning
  • Think to what extent the goals have been achieved
  • Identify the reasons you have failed to succeed your goals and find alternative ways
  • Make action plan and check on progress regularly
  • Use your personal scoring system
  • Reward yourself after succeeding a goal and set a new goal
  • Ask other people you trust for their input


Evaluation of the programme from organization’s perspective

  • Program structure matches what was initially designed with no or slight differences.
  • Leaders of the programme are engaging eligible patients and performing the self-management support activities.
  • Patients' knowledge and self-efficacy have increased.
  • Patients' health-related behaviors have changed.
  • Rates of provider adherence to guidelines have increased.
  • Disease control has improved.
  • Patient satisfaction has improved.
  • Health care costs have declined.



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